To extract the publication numbers from a text, just select the file you wish run and press the “run” button. The machine will extract the documents from the file and display them in the results box; copy the results and use them as you wish. The machine supports .docx, .rtf and .txt. Note that the machine recognizes certain sequences to extract the appropriate publication numbers, but some noise will happen. If you find any mistakes in the recognition, or have any suggestion to improve, please send me a message.

Here is a short explanation of the options above:

- If you wish to double check that the numbers have been correctly downloaded (recommended), press the button “download marked-up document” you will download a copy of the file, wherein the publication documents extracted have been highlighted in yellow.

- If you click the “ignore numbers with separators” box, any code with separator (“.”, “,”, “/“, “-“) will not be retrieved. It is useful in some cases to easily separate publication numbers from application numbers (for example, many STN displays).

- “delete separators” deletes all separators, including spaces, in the results. This way the publication numbers are clean to be pasted, for example, as a list of numbers in PatBase or to loaded in some .pdf downloading machines, such as poxoq.

- Some outputs, for example, in STN, provide publication numbers not immediately recognizable by others. The “show treated and untreated codes” displays in the result list both, the untreated and the treated number to ensure nothing is lost.

Please note that the machine does not save or survey the files loaded for me or any third party to see. However, please remember that 100% safety does not exist. Do not run with scissor! if the contents of the file you wish to run are confidential, and there is no way you can disguise the information, just don’t use this machine